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Crypto Indicators provides a reliable real-time crypto trade indicator alert system.

📈 #XRB / BTC (D)
Bullish MACD center line crossing!
+6.85% price: 0.00009490 BTC
+187.67% volume (9.41 BTC)

Technical analysis indicator alert system for crypto traders.

Real-time push alert system, telling you exactly when technical analysis indicators of your coins reach critical levels!

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Choose which coin and indicator combinations you wish to track.

We monitor the market

System monitors the market

Our systems continuously monitors and analyzes the market action.

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Receive a push messages once an indicator has triggered on your desktop, laptop, tablet and smartphone.

Anatomy of an alert.

Crypto Indicators tries to provide as much information in an as small container as possible. Our alerts are built in such a way that you can get all required infromation from the notification and adapt your trade setups accordingly.

📈 #TX / BTC (D)
Bullish MACD signal line crossing!
MACD line is below center line
+43.17 price: 0.00038888 BTC
+80.75% buy vol. (12.35 BTC)

Coin, direction and interval

The general direction, 📉 for a bearish direction and 📈 for a bullish direction, the coin accompanied by the time-frame the alert was triggered on.

Indicator and trigger value

The Indicator and it's trigger value along with the direction and any additional relevant indicator data.

Price and volume movement

Price relative to the price 24 hours ago and price in Bitcoin at time of alert triggering. Volume of the last 60 minutes compared to the average of the past 24 hours.

Support for all coins on your favorite exchanges.

Our system provides indicator alerts for over 350 cryptocurrency pairs, listing all available coins on Binance and Bittrex!

Crypto indicator alerts!

Telegram Notifications

Crypto Indicators uses Telegram as a medium to deliver alert notifications to any supported device on smartphones, tablets and computers.


Unique alerts sent out already!

Indicators you use.

A wide range of indicators are supported by our alert system including RSI, MACD, Bollinger Bands, Parabolic SAR, Golden Crosses, TD Sequential setups, Ichimoku TK crosses and Kumo breakouts alerts!

📉 #QWARK / BTC (D)
RSI oversold! (29.97)
-19.2% price: 0.00015579 BTC
+94.62% buy vol. (0.08 BTC)


Relative Strength Index (RSI) alert when a coin oscillates above 70 or below 30.

📈 #EOS / USDT (4h)
Strong bullish TK Cross (Default)
Cross is above the cloud
+3.86% price: 14.41 USDT
+1.33% buy vol. (44381.85 USDT)

Ichimoku TK Cross

Crossing of Tenkan and Kijun lines indicating a trend switch.

📉 #PURA / ETH (1h)
TD Sequential perfection sell setup!
+33.58% price: 0.00033000 ETH
-84.01% buy vol. (-1.07 ETH)

TD Sequential setup

Series of 9 consecutive bars that close higher or lower than the close 4 bars earlier giving a buy or sell setup on the 9th bar.

📉 #NMR / BTC (1h)
Bearish MACD signal line crossing!
MACD line is  below center line
-31.21% price: 0.00137000 BTC
+207.64% buy vol. (2.61 BTC)


Moving average convergence/divergence (MACD) alerts for both signal and center line crossings.

📈 #XRP / BTC (D)
Bullish EMA cross! (15/50 EMA)
+1.38% price: 0.00008857 BTC
+39.84% buy vol. (40.9 BTC))

Golden Cross

Moving average crossing of 15/50 and 50/200 moving averages, for both simple MA and EMA crosses.

📈 #SPHR / BTC (D)
Breached upper Bollinger Band!
+5.89% price: 0.00046113 BTC
+33.2% buy vol. (0.03 BTC)

Bollinger Bands

Bollinger Band alert when price breaces above or below the bands.

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